What is pre-ordering ?

When you buy a product on pre-order, it means that it hasn't been produced yet. At the end of the pre-order sale period, I collect all the orders and launch production.

WHY pre-ordering ?

To avoid unnecessary use of the planet's resources and produce the right quantities.

To offer maximum quality. Prices don't include discount, stocks, unsold items, intermediaries... So pre-ordering gives me the means to use the finest yarns and to produce in Italy in a small, highly skilled workshop.

Pre-ordering also takes us back to a long period of time, synonymous with pre-purchase reflection, desire and value.



Pre-order sales on my e-shop several times a year for 2-3 weeks periods or more.

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I then forward all your orders to Marzia in Italy.

I include an additional % for any size exchanges.

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Marzia orders extra yarn if needed and starts knitting. This is followed by assembly, washing, ironing and quality control.

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The truck leaves from Italy. After a journey of 4 to 6 days, it arrives in Paris at our warehouse. There, Kani takes each sweater out of its polybag, which we send back to Marzia for the next pre-order, and wraps your sweater in a pretty square of fabric from old stock.

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The parcel leaves, you receive a follow-up email, and a few days later it's party time! You get a rainbow, hearts, some color!

Discover the next step

If the product doesn't suit you, returns or exchanges are possible, easy and free of charge. You can write to us at




Cathy purple / navy

Sold out - reference on pre-order Sold out

Who makes your sweater?

All my pre-order sweaters are made in Marzia's factory near Venice. Her mom still makes the patterns, and her siblings and extended family work in the factory. Marzia's expertise in mohair knitwear is invaluable. Indeed, a 100% natural yarn requires meticulous readjustment of knitting tightening, washing and drying settings for each batch and even each color. Her factory isn't far away, and I'm in regular contact with her (she speaks excellent French!). Marzia makes my Italian knit sweaters as if they were her own.

And what's in it for you?


But I'm surprised by your messages...


But I'm surprised by your messages...

"Beauty that sweater !!!!!!!! Worth the wait ❤️".

"I got 2 gifts. One when I placed my order on your e-shop and a second when I received my Rainbow!".

"Your sweaters are marvels that I love to wait for!

"Merciiiiiiii ... This impatience is a delight!!!"

"I've just received my Odette and I'm so happy! It's perfect!"

"I'm a big fan of everything you do: from the approach that drives you to the impatience that comes with it and then finally the emotion that comes with the opening!"

Anti-impulse buying

Anti-impulse buying

After a long wait, you don't want to get the wrong size, or the wrong color, or the wrong reference , so it makes you think twice... and I'm here to advise you, so don't hesitate to contact me at or 0671713015. I'm here to help. 

My return rate is well below normal return rates and I think these preliminary exchanges are very useful! 

I'm also thinking, reading all your messages, that knowing this sweater is made for you, that you've been waiting for it, that it has a beautiful history of manufacture from goat to parcel, gives it a little extra soul.

I'd like to think that after waiting for it, you'll keep it for a long time!